Sunday, 19 November 2017

GMA Calculator

The GMA Garnet abrasive blasting calculator is the perfect tool for project estimators and contractors to calculate the true cost of blasting with GMA Garnet™ abrasives.

Moving Around the App

Data Input: Click the data on the right to enter/edit or update the details.

Screen Scrolling: Click and hold the left mouse button on the screen area to scroll it up or down.

Go to Main Calculator Screen
Click the ‘Calculator’ button to go back to the main screen.

Compare with other Abrasives
At the Results screen, click on ‘Other Abrasives’ and repeat the data input steps to generate results.

View between two Abrasives
Click on the Abrasive name to select between abrasives.

Need Assistance?

Our local representatives in your country are happy to run through this application with you or even conduct a blasting trial upon request.

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More on the calculator

The cost calculator will generate the total cost per m² or ft² of surface area blasted, and the total abrasive and time to complete a given project. The true cost includes not only the abrasive, but also the cost of disposal, labour and equipment hire, and takes into account the superior blasting performance of GMA Garnet™ compared to other abrasives. The App also allows you to compare the true cost of blasting with GMA Garnet™ against your existing abrasives, such as slag or staurolite. The default values in this calculator are based on a typical blasting trial and the results obtained should be taken as a guide only.

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