Sunday, 19 November 2017

The modular bed bricks distributed by GMA are fused together (instead of the screwed on option) to create longer surface stability and brick integrity.

Dimensions: 4” X 6” X 48”

Tight tolerance surfaces of the modular bricks are great foundation beds for cutting parts from materials such as:

• Aluminium  • Brass  •  Copper  •  Foam  • Laminates  • Marble  •  Plastics  •  Steel

Note: This product is only available in the local warehouses in USA. The modular bricks are stocked in standard 48-brick pallets.

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• Drains water easily and
reduces splashback
• Design provides an even, flat
cutting surface
• Durable Polypropylene material
enables for more cuts, reduces
cutting noise and can be recycled