Sunday, 19 November 2017

GMA offers a range of pressurised bulk storage hoppers designed for
waterjet abrasives storage.

The hoppers come in 4 sizes with multiple ports available in all sizes:

6.5 cu. ft. — holds 800 pounds (363 kg) of garnet
20 cu. ft. — holds 2400 pounds (1089 kg) of garnet
40 cu. ft. — holds 4500 pounds (2041 kg) of garnet
50 cu. ft. — holds 6000 pounds (2730 kg) of garnet


Manual Control

1 1/4″ blow down for quick tank bleed down.
Manual regulators and controls for simple operation
(Electronic level sensing and warning devices are also available).

Two 2-inch Sight Glasses

Two inch sight glasses – at mid-level and near the bottom for hopper level checks across the room.

Garnet Screen

The garnet screen keeps strings, pieces of bags and other larger particles from entering the hopper.

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Flexible Options:
1. Level sensor coupling: Add your own
1. level sensor

2. Level sensor with wires (loose):
2. Coupling with our sensor to connect
2. to your system.

3. Level Sensing System: Complete with
3. coupling, level sensor, light and
3. electrical control box

4. Custom side loading platforms

Note: These products are available in USA only.