Sunday, 19 November 2017

GMA offers Dialine cutting heads by Accustream that balance power and speed with versatility and durability.  The components are designed with exceptionally close tolerance to achieve perfect alignment for maximum performance and reliability.


Easy Upgrade
Easily adapts to all major manufacturers on/off valves.

Unitised Diamond Cutting Head
Embedded diamond eliminates misalignment and therefore maximises accuracy, nozzle life and cutting speeds.

DiaLine Mixing Chamber
Advanced mixing chamber concept were applied in building a combination of intelligently designed state-of-the-art materials to  improve abrasive utilisation and maximum cutting power while safeguarding the diamond orifice.

Removable Mixing Chamber
In instances where the life-span of the diamond orifice surpasses the mixing chamber, the mixing chamber can be easily replaced to maximise the life-span of the diamond.

AccuStream Orifice Technology
Every DiaLine is backed by a conditional 500-hour guarantee. Only with DiaLine, the diamond can be replaced on site with precision and ease, and eliminating the need to send the entire cutting head for servicing.

Improved Nozzle Nut Design
Longer nozzle engagement combined with superior manufacturing tolerance maximise nozzle alignment and increase nozzle life. Damaged nozzles caused by cutting head crashes can also be removed from the head.

Dialine Clamp-Style Cutting Head

The Dialine Clamp-Style cutting head is
designed with similar features as the
standard Dialine with additional
mounting capabilities to systems
with clamp-style heads.

Cone Filter

The cone filter prevents upstream debris generated by normal wear and maintenance from clogging or prematurely destroying the orifice and increases reliability. This highly effective filter blocks contaminants from most common sources within any HP waterjet system.



The range of adapters enables mounting of these cutting heads on almost any machine.


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• Extended nozzle life
• Faster cutting speeds with
high quality edge
• Increased head alignment and efficiency
• Minimal maintenance
• Optimise the use of abrasives and resulting
 to lower cost of operation