Sunday, 19 November 2017

Surface Cleanliness The ability of a paint system to adhere to the substrate and resist corrosion is determined by the cleanliness and profile of the substrate. The use of GMA Garnet™ as recommended provides the following benefits:

Even Profile: The shape and size of GMA Garnet™ grains create an even profile of 50 – 75 microns* (controlled by blast pressure and air flow) to provide maximum surface area and number of peaks (reactive sites) for enhanced bonding. The use of GMA Garnet™ totally eliminates rogue peaks and troughs leading to a direct reduction in paint amount required and elimination of potential coating failure.

Low Dust: Lower dust emissions reduce cleanup after blasting and minimise contamination of the work area.

Improved Surface Cleanliness: There is almost no embedment on the substrate as the scouring action of the natural GMA Garnet™ grains remove all salts, corrosion and contaminants from within deeply corroded and pitted areas. It meets all international specifications for chlorides and silica (ISO 11126-10:2000).

* depending on the application

GMA Blasting Abrasive Surface Cleanliness