Sunday, 19 November 2017

Using GMA Garnet™ blast cleaning abrasive does not require costly special equipment. 
Consider the following to maximise the abrasive blasting performance:

Abrasive Flow Rate Control 
Reduce the normal abrasive flow and valve setting as less than half the amount of GMA Garnet™ (it is dense and free flowing) is required to clean a unit area. This can be achieved by using a good quality abrasive valve or a simple ball valve with fixed orifice size that matches the size of the nozzle.

Adequate Pressure, Volume and Air Quality 
Ensure the compressor, couplings and diameter of hoses used are able to supply the required minimum pressure and airflow through the nozzle. High pressure with maximum airflow consistent with pressure and nozzle diameter provide maximum productivity, particularly on heavier coatings. lt is recommended that air pressure at the nozzle should not drop below 100 psi. The air must be dry and free of oil. ‘1″ whip hoses’ severely restrict air flow and pressure at the nozzle, appreciably reducing productivity.

The use of Long Venturi Blast Nozzles is strongly recommended as these further enhance the velocity of GMA Garnet™ grains, increasing the impact energy exponentially on the steel surface. Nozzles should be checked regularly for wear and replaced as required in order to avoid pressure drops and abrasive wastage.

Normal usage of GMA Garnet™ will not lead to excessive material breakdown of the tough and dense grains. Independent tests confirmed that the average level of breakdown will result to approximately 10-15% of the abrasive being removed by a standard recycling unit. Recycling units specially designed to handle GMA Garnet™ are available through the Group’s distribution network. The recycled garnet’s lifespan is determined by the blast equipment and its setting, the coating to be removed, the profile required and the ability to constantly add new GMA Garnet™ to the blasting cycle. Consult your GMA Garnet distributor for further details.

Best efficiency is achieved with good controlled blasting practice – not expensive equipment.

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