Sunday, 19 November 2017

The source of GMA’s superior product is from its extensive operations and garnet bearing dune sands on Australia’s mid-west coast of Western Australia. Through a unique geological history of erosion and deposition, these dune sands contain the highest quality garnet available.

The stepping stones to that location are through Western Australia’s capital city of Perth, travelling 400km up north to GMA’s dry processing and ship-out point in Geraldton and beyond to Port Gregory . The scale of mining and a state-of-the-art refining process with total quality control have made the Group the leading supplier of blast cleaning and waterjet cutting abrasives in the world.

 Producing GMA

Quality Assured 

The entire production process from
mining to processing and administration
is certified under ISO 9001:2008 (Management Systems), ISO 14001:2004 (Environment Management Systems), AS/NZ 4801:2001 (Occupational Health & Safety) and ensuring the highest standard of quality in respect of mineral purity and meeting stringent requirements of ISO 11126-10:2000 for chloride and free silica content.

GMA takes pride in the fact that its product is proven to be the highest quality natural abrasive and cutting medium available in the modern era. The Group can deliver any amount of highly refined garnet abrasives anywhere, anytime – and constant product availability to back that claim.