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GMA Garnet (USA) Corporation was established in Houston, Texas in 2006. The company offers a range of garnet abrasives for surface preparation, waterjet cutting and water filtration. In addition, the company distributes a complete line of waterjet cutting replacement parts.

The company’s bulk handling & garnet processing facilities are available at Fairless Hills, Philadelphia, Reserve, New Orleans and Stockton, California and supported by a distribution network of strategically located garnet warehouses across the United States as well as in Canada and South America.

The Reserve facility completed in 2009 provides environmentally friendly and cost-effective options to dispose used garnet. The facility with a processing capacity of 50,000 metric tonnes per annum is the largest among the GMA processing facilities worldwide.

In 2011, the Reserve facility is recognised as a ‘Beneficial Use’ facility for returned garnet by the The State of Louisiana Department of Environment Quality.  The Beneficial Use Plan is a green initiative by the state government to turn waste material into reusable resources.

Customers participating in the programme are awarded with a “Certificate of Recycling” every year as an acknowledgment for their recycling efforts. The certificate, which is certified by the State will reflect the tonnage of used garnet that has been processed and saved from landfills.

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